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Preventative Care and Vaccinations

Pet wellnss care plan

Nothing is more important for the well-being of your pet than the annual (semi-annual for senior pets) wellness examination. This visit gives our doctors an opportunity to discuss many topics critical to keeping your pet active and pain free for as long as possible.

Darien Animal Clinic believes that this time is so important to the long term health of your pet we set aside an entire 30 minutes with a doctor. 

This allows our doctors to ensure that every question and concern is covered.  As well as getting a great value for your dollar.

After a full medical history is obtained, the doctor will perform a comprehensive nose-to-tail exam. A thorough exam is a mandatory initial step in diagnosis and treatment, preventative medicine is the key to a long, happy and healthy life.

In addition to a thorough physical examination, our doctors discuss nutrition, dental care, parasite control, developmental problems, allergies, and chronic disease problems, such as arthritis, that your pet may face with age.

Blood work is often recommended to help us detect and treat problems in the early stages, before they become serious and possibly life-threatening.

At the preventative care examination, we will work with you to develop a preventative care plan to keep your pet healthy,  active and comfortable for as long as possible. If the focus of your visit is illness or injury, we will thoroughly  explain all diagnostics and treatments recommended. Pain control is always addressed and included in your pet's treatment plan.

Every pet is different, that is why the doctors will create an individual vaccination plan for each pet individually, and to ensuring that you pet is covered for important viruses and illnesses.

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