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Services That We Offer

Nothing is more important for the well-being of your pet than the annual (semi-annual for senior pets) wellness examination. This visit gives our doctors an opportunity to discuss many topics critical to keeping your pet active and pain free for as long as possible. We believe your pet's wellness exams are so important to the long term health of your pet that we set aside an entire 30 minutes with a doctor.


We believe getting an accurate and complete picture of your pet's health is important. We consistently invest in new technology ranging from digital radiography, digital dental radiography, ultrasound, to a complete in house lab suite capable of running hematology, blood chemistries, urinalysis, electrolytes, endocrinology, coagulation, and blood gases. This allows our doctors to have blood results in minutes and enables us to be an advanced clinic and a leader in technology. 

We practice surgery with the most modern techniques, with the safety and comfort of our patients being our highest priority. We always have one of our highly skilled technicians monitoring the patient's vital signs with our top of the line surgical monitors, continue to monitor patients, before, during and after surgery.


Our staff is highly equiped and trained on how to handle dental issues.  Dentistry's are performed thoroughly by ultrasonic scaling, polishing, and periodontal probing where teeth are evaluated for fractures, discoloration, and gum recession.  Digital dental radiographs are then taken to evaluate the teeth below the gum line


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