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Our advanced dentistry procedures are performed with all the same standards as our surgery procedures.

  • All surgical procedures are performed with the safest and modern anesthetic agents under strict sterile conditions.

  • Procedures done every weekday morning        

  • Every surgery receives an admission appointment with the surgeon        

  • Pre-surgical examination by the surgeon        

  • Advance surgical monitoring equipment        

  • Dedicated technician for monitoring your pet        

  • Multi-modal pain control       

  • Warm water pad to reduce hypothermia       

  • Recovery technician for your pet        

  • Discharge appointment with clear written home care instructions

Dentistry's are performed thoroughly by ultrasonic scaling, polishing, and periodontal probing where teeth are evaluated for fractures, discoloration, and gum recession.  Digital dental radiographs are then taken to evaluate the teeth below the gum line.  If extractions are needed the gingival is sutured closed at the extracted site to speed healing and prevent infection. 

To continue care at the time of discharge, we train you on preventative care you may provide at home.



Home Dental Care
Your pet's dental care doesn't rest with your veterinarian alone. As a pet owner, you play a pivotal role in helping ensure your pet's dental health through regular teeth brushing.

Remember... pets can live longer, healthier lives if oral health care is managed and maintained throughout their lives. In fact, proper dental care may add as much as five years to your pet's life! Talk to your veterinarian about developing a dental care plan for your furry friend.


Dental Health

Learn more about Digital Dental Radiography Here

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