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veterinary surgery



  • All surgical procedures are performed with the safest and modern anesthetic agents under strict sterile conditions.      

  • Procedures done every weekday morning      

  • Every surgery receives an admission appointment with the surgeon      

  • Pre-surgical examination by the surgeon     

  • Advanced surgical monitoring equipment        

  • Dedicated technician for monitoring your pet        

  • Multi-modal pain control        

  • Warm water pad heating pad to reduce risks of hypothermia·         Recovery technician for your pet

  • Discharge appointment with clear written home care instructions


Patient Comfort

Patient comfort is of the utmost importance to the staff of Darien Animal Clinic which is why we take every extra precaution to ensure that our patients are comfortable.  From heated water blankets during and after surgery, thermal blankets, plush towels and even socks because much of an animal's body heat is lost from its' paws.  A recovery technician ensures your pet is comfortable after the procedure.

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