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Meet Our Doctors

Dr. Richard Morris

Growing up in Clarendon Hills, Dr. Morris from an early age wanted to pursue a life involving animals. Graduating from University of Illinois College of Veterinary School allowed him to pursue that goal. Practicing in several suburban communities before settling essentially in his backyard, he has spent most of his professional career at Darien Animal Clinic. He has always placed great emphasis on the pet-owner relationship and hopes that others enjoy the relationship he has enjoyed with his now four Labrador Retrievers. His interests are his family and watching his four grandchildren grow up. He likes spending time with his dogs. He has many interests including golf and old movies. His professional interests are dermatology, improving the pet/owner bond to better enjoy the unique relationship we share with our pets, as well as a special interest in Labrador Retrievers. 

Dr. Adriane Adkesson


Dr. Adkesson grew up in the local community and stayed close to home earning her Bachelor’s degree from DePaul University.  She then attended University of Illinois to obtain her Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine in 2007.  She has worked at several clinics in the southwest suburban area before joining Darien Animal Clinic in 2017.  Dr. Adkesson enjoys all areas of small animal medicine especially surgery and endocrinology.  One of her favorite memories is the 3-month internship she spent in South Africa doing wildlife medicine.  She now lives in Lemont with her husband, who is also a veterinarian, and their two young children.  Although Skyler, a lovable shepherd mix, the two tortoises, and the aquarium full of fish are the ones really running the household.  In her free time, she loves being with her family, playing the violin and bass guitar, watching HGTV, or escaping to the family cottage on Lake Michigan.

Dr. Kay Glagola


As a young girl, I spent hours in the fields and woods of rural Illinois observing wildlife and learning about flora and fauna.  From these outings,my curiosity grew about animal behavior and natural history.  I dared to dream big and my wish was to become a veterinarian.


I furthered this yearning with a degree in biology and zoology from The University of Illinois.  After received this degree, I realized my innate desire was to communicate with people and help animals.  I started this path by taking on a challenge to study veterinary medicine in Mexico City at the University of Mexico City.  Immersing myself in the study of veterinary medicine in a foreign country opened my eyes to more than I expected.  This endeavor lead me on a journey of both the study of veterinary medicine and the study of a culture of people and society which weaved its way into my soul.


Living in a foreign country was a visceral experience to me.  Each day brings a different experience both with my patients and their owners.  The joy of caring for pets and helping people is very satisfying.  Each owner and pet weaves its way into my heart and soul.  This human bond is a dynamic bond which interests me immensely, along with feline and canine behavior.  Other interests for the future I hope to study the use of acupuncture in veterinary medicine.


Over the years I have had many animals from 6 horses to 20 cow/calf pairs, rabbits, goats, geese, along with a plethora of cats and dogs.  Currently I share my home with a mischievous black cat named Bynx.  I continue to photograph and enjoy traveling with my daughter and son, exposing them to other worlds and cultures and encourage them to be passionate and to dream big, because dreams can come true.


My philosophy in life is simple - it is to treat every living person and thing with great care and dignity.

Dr. Rand Gustafson

Dr. Gustafson grew up in the area and went to high school at Hinsdale South.  He earned his undergraduate degree and doctorate of veterinary medicine at University of Illinois.  He has owned Australian Shepherds since 1987 and has fallen in love with the breed.  He currently has two dogs at home and loves spending time outdoors.  His interest include fishing, camping, rugby, music photography, and his 1917 Ford Model T

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