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holiday vacation jack russell dog waiting in airport terminal ready to board the airplane

Darien Animal Clinic has multiple USDA VEHCS accredited veterinarians and is pleased to offer International Health Exams and Certificates for pets travelling with their owners!

Any pet that is traveling requires a health certificate stating that they are free from disease and can endure the rigors of travel. While health certificates for domestic travel can be completed by any licensed veterinarian (and generally requires little more than being current on vaccines and free from contagious disease), almost all health certificates for international travel must be filled out by a specially trained veterinarian accredited by the United States Department of Agriculture.  The regulations for exporting a pet from one country and bringing them into another varies considerably depending on the destination country, and can be quite complicated, often requiring very specific bloodwork and vaccinations. A USDA-accredited veterinarian can sort through these requirements and get your pet ready for their trip, and avoid any issues that may cause delays or even refusal at entry.

Because of the often complex nature of transporting a pet internationally, it is extremely important to be familiar with the requirements of the importing country and plan accordingly (sometimes requiring planning months ahead of time). We can help reduce the stress of travelling with your pet by helping get everything in order.

If you are planning to travel internationally with your pet, or may do so in the future, feel free to call us any time to start getting your little world traveler ready for their exciting adventure!

Any questions in regards to the new CDC Rabies Requirements

Starting August 1, 2024 at 12:01AM ET, new rules go into effect. Use the DogBot below to determine what rules apply to your dog based on the dates of travel and where your dog is traveling from.

Call our veterinary clinic to schedule an appointment at (630) 655-1888.

Once an appointment is schedule please complete our international health certificate form here

You may review requirements at the USDA APHIS website here

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